Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Starting Out with My Blog so bare with me!

Come visit my Friendly little shop on . Something for "almost" Everyone! You can find me under the user Name Originality123.I have alot of fun items for pets, children and more!I am in the process of slowly changing my shop to be dedicated to animals only so it will have items for animals and items that have to do with animals! I will also be Changing my banner and avatar to suit my shop.
You can also find me on under the user name 1ofakind49. I have been on Ebay for a few years now and have 100 percent feedback .On ebay I offer a wonderful selection of handmade doll clothes, mostly for cabbage patch dolls, and webkinz clothes and other assorted items.
I Have been creative since I was born, designing my own diapers ......O.K. well maybe not ..... :)
I have been creative since a very early age which I got from my Crafty Talented mom. She taught me how to crochet at a young age and it became addictive. I got tired of following other peoples patterns so I started creating my own.
I am New at this Blog so I will slowly get it done properly! Hopefully
I finally learned how to add a photo even though what I was trying to do was add an etsy mini,with no Luck! :(. But I am Happy that I at least got a picture on. This is my neighbors puppy copper, he was the first to receive one of my handmade dog toys. I spoiled him and gave him at least 4 different ones! He looks so adorable in this photo holding his toy icecream cone!
I have several of my Own Furry Lovable creatures and hope to have their photos listed soon also!
Thankyou for visiting!


  1. Welcome to Etsy and good luck!

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog! Here is a post about the cat toy that I bought from your store! Enjoy!