Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day at the dog park

Me and the kids go to the dog park almost everyday and it is a blast. I am going to bring my camera tomorrow night (if I remember) and take some photos to post. It is so cute when 1 dog keeps following the other all around the park, they stroll side by side like "love birds". My lucky Loves going to the park and on the nights we don't get to go, he whines a little.....But of course I give him one of my"our" homemade lucky-U- treats and he is happy :). Had to throw a little promoting in there!
The other night there was this tiny little pug running with all the BIG dogs.Actually, all the Big dogs were chasing the pug, until, the pug stopped straight in his tracks, barked as loud as he could at all the big dogs and scared the shi_ ! out of them!! It was VERY funny.
we are starting to know all the dogs by name, titan, triscuit,buster, daisy, stormy, tank,raven,odi and the list goes on and on. Hopefully I will have all their photos posted soon!! The excitement at the dog park. I wish I had my camera today.A dog there needs a home, If he is there tomorrow I will post his photo and any info about him.
My eyes are closing....... good night for now.

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