Monday, October 26, 2009

Where I can be found!!!!

Need sweets to cure your pms cravings then I am your shop. come visit me on under OhSoSweetPmsTreats, I Test all my recipes and only add the best!!

Looking for Fun items for the whole family including fido and the kitty cat??? Then come visit me on under originality123

Looking for Handmade Cabbage patch doll clothes , webkinz clothes and more!. Beautifully crocheted, all my own original designs, Then come visit me on Ebay under 1ofakind49. I have been selling for several years and have 100 percent positive feedback!

Visit and go to Promotions and looks for enyieres" I buy you buy we all help eachother" and Join in with us. Everyone is welcome, everyone there is friendly and you will find some wonderful shops!

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